man sleeps in the pool

Man Decides To Sleep In The Pool For 7 Hours After Realizing There’s No Space On The Bed

Filipino man, Seth Gabriel Ricafort, has become an instant internet sensation after he thought it was a better idea to sleep in the swimming pool because there was no space on the bed!Yes, and he slept in the swimming pool for 7 hours!During a vacation, Seth and his family rented...
dilation chart childbirth

This ‘Dilation Chart’ Shows The Remarkable Reality Of Childbirth

Every expecting mother in the world has heard horror stories regarding the difficulty of childbirth.They’ve heard about how painful it can be, how their organs get moved around, the shocking reality of episiotomies, and how emergency c-sections can be traumatic and terrifying.Almost akin to war tales, women who have...
army veteran rescues 16 children

Hero Army Veteran Rescues 16 Children From Library Massacre

Army veterans deserve a lot more recognition than they receive.They have fought brave battles and exhibited endless courage - and, often, they continue to do so long after they’re done with their service.James Vernon, who is 75 years old, is one such retired veteran - and he’s not someone...
rebekah spader school dance

Teen Brother Takes His 10-Year-Old Sister With Leukaemia To School Dance Before She Passed Away

Modern medicine has led to significant advancements in patient treatment, but many diseases remain difficult to deal with.One such condition is cancer. Receiving a cancer diagnosis changes one’s life, and it can terrifying to have to go through that ordeal.The risk of cancer increases the more you age -...
family of bears Steal car

Guy Walks Outside Only To See That An Entire Family Of Bears Have ‘Stolen’ His Car

How would you react if you were to see an entire family of bears having the time of their lives inside your car?!Imagine going on a vacation and all you plan on doing is relaxing and enjoying your time when suddenly you spot a whole lot of bears checking...
worlds smallest surviving preemie

World’s Smallest Surviving Preemie Finally Fit To Go Home From San Diego Hospital

All expectant mothers have only one wish - to deliver their babies to full term.Of course, no matter how positive an expecting mother is, sometimes things don't go as planned, like in the case of a little girl called Saybie.When Saybie's mom, who wishes to remain anonymous, was pregnant,...

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