man brought in dead raccoon

Man Brought In Dead Raccoon And Placed It On McDonald’s Table

When you live in a city as big as San Francisco, you will inevitably come across some of the strangest incidents. In a way, it is great if you have social anxiety, because you can be sure that the...
Babysitter Returns Dead Baby

Babysitter Returns Dead Baby To His Mother Pretending He Was Still Alive

Children, as we all know, are incredibly precious to us. This is especially so to the parents who raised these kids. After all, giving birth isn’t an easy process, and is often fraught with heartbreaking things such as miscarriages,...
susan boyle earns the golden buzzer

Susan Boyle Earns The Golden Buzzer By Returning To ‘America’s Got Talent’ After 10 Years

For those of us who absolutely enjoy watching reality TV shows or talent competitions, you may be familiar with the trend of the mid-2000s, when suddenly talent shows were all the rage. Just about every network seemed to be...
baby decapitated during difficult delivery

Baby Decapitated During Difficult Delivery As Male Nurse “Pulled Too Hard”

This cannot be understated - pregnancy is hard. There is a growing awareness of how some prospective parents have spent thousands of dollars and months, if not years of time trying to get pregnant. - assuming that they are capable of doing so, that is.
girl kills herself to make her mother happy

10-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself To Make Her Mother “The Happiest Woman In The World”

Children are incredibly precious to us. It is hard work trying to get one, and even harder trying to raise a child. There is, after all, a reason why the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”...
woman dies after using neti pot

Woman Dies After Using Neti Pot With Non-Sterile Water And Brain-Eating Amoebas

A 69-year-old woman from Seattle has been using a neti pot with tap water or non-sterile water to clear her sinuses. A year later, she was admitted the Swedish Medical Center following a seizure. However, she succumb to a brain-eating amoeba that caused...