man drugs 2 year old baby

Man Drugs 2-Year-Old Baby With Cocaine So He Can Abuse Her While The Mom Lets Him

Cases of abuse against children seem to be more common but are no less shocking despite their regularity.Recently, a shocking case of child abuse came to light for law enforcement in Madison County, Illinois when a two-year-old was taken for medical help by her mother.Staff at the medical facility...
Dead Sperm Whale

Dead Sperm Whale Found With 13 Pounds Of Plastic In Its Belly

Indonesians were surprised to find a dead sperm whale washed ashore in one of its national parks.What's even worse was that the mammal had 13 pounds of plastic waste in its belly, according to park officials.The whale, which measured about 31 feet, was spotted in the shores of the...
Dad Rescues Dogs Favorite Teddy Bear

Dad Goes Viral After Nursing His Dog’s Favourite Toy ‘Back To Health’

Dogs aren’t always picky about toys. But even the most easygoing pup may have a special favorite.In the case of Lucky, it’s a well-worn old stuffed bear that he’s had for around six years.Since the first time the two met, Lucky has always kept it by his side.Of course,...
Woman Married 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost

Woman Divorced Her Ghost Husband After He Tried To Kill Her

We all know marriage is tough, and in today’s day and age, around half of them come to an end through divorce.This divorce, however, might be a little more difficult to comprehend than others.Last year, in early 2018, Amanda Teague, who is 45 years old, thought she was getting...
disabled duck

Disabled Duck Gets To Waddle Thanks To Specially Designed Wheelchair

When a duck named Merlin was born with a defect in his left leg, his prospects in life seemed very bleak.But that was before he was adopted last fall by the caring folks at the Annandale, New Jersey-based Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary.They knew that Merlin couldn't thrive if sentenced...
Anastasia Higginbotham

This Author Is Traveling Across The Country To Teach Children To Be Ashamed Of Being White

“Not My Idea’’, is the latest book in the series of acclaimed stories about witnesses. In the chapters, a white, young, boy sees television news covering a white police officer who is shooting a brown individual, yet the character’s hands were up.The child gets upset and asks the mother...

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