dog found tightly tied to a tree

Severely Emaciated Dog Found Tightly Tied To A Tree And Left To Die

You will find that many people agree, you can tell what kind of person your new acquaintance is by the way they treat animals and creatures weaker than them - including the animals they fear or do not like.
couple dumping trash wildlife preserve

Couple Who Was Filmed Dumping Their Trash In A Wildlife Preserve Get What They Deserve

In this day and age of digital technology, it pays to be really careful about what you do in public because you never know who's watching you. And if you're doing something really bad, you could find yourself in...
baby shows gratitude to pit bull

Baby Shows Gratitude To Pit Bull For Comforting Her During 7.0 Earthquake

A toddler from Palmer, Alaska found the best comfort after her place was struck with a 7.0 earthquake. Adalynn Leary, also called Ady, was weary and afraid of the aftershocks that kept rocking her hometown so she had problems going to sleep.
elderly dog stay with 3 year old lost

Loyal Elderly Dog Stays With 3-Year-Old Girl Lost In The Woods For 15 Hours

Max the family dog, an old Blue Heeler, has been hailed a hero in his community in Queensland, Australia. Though blind and deaf because he's already an elderly dog at 17 years old, Max kept guard and never left...
dad twin sons cut firewood

Dad, Twin Sons Cut 80 Trucks Worth Of Firewood And Give Them To Needy Families

A dad and his twin sons from Washington started cutting some firewood at an area in the rugged Pacific Northwest for their home. They never imagined this would become a long endeavor that would make lots of other families...
Chanco signed pantene ad campaign

After Becoming Famous For Her Hair, This Baby Just Signed A Pantene Ad Campaign

As a mammalian creature, humans stand out from the rest of our kind by being relatively hairless. This is immediately visible by looking at our newborn infants. Anyone who has ever dealt with babies - or even just look...