Debbie sultry makeover

60-Year-Old Woman Gets Makeover So Sultry She Can’t Even Recognize Herself

As much as we all hate it, today’s world is incredibly obsessed with holding on to our youthful looks for as long as we can. Just look at how much plastic surgery is being done by the rich to...
owner surrenders aggressive pregnant pit bull

Owner Surrenders “Aggressive” Pregnant Pit Bull, Shelter Euthanizes Dog And Her Puppies

There is an undeniable, world-wide love for dogs. The sheer cuteness of a dog is a strong factor, sure, but that isn’t the only reason why netizens are insisting we as the human race do not deserve dogs. Just...
baby car seat falls off

Toddler Attached To Car Seat Falls Off Moving Car

A driver from Mankato, Minnesota saved a toddler’s life by being alert on the road. Chad Cheddar Mock caught the whole thing on video with his dashboard camera and rushed to the baby’s rescue to ensure that she would...
girl looking for her cat discovers alligator

12-Year-Old Girl Looking For Her Cat Discovers 7-Foot-Long Alligator In Sewer

Hannah Siler, a 12-year-old from Pascagoula, Mississippi, has been searching around the neighborhood for her missing cat. She figured the animal may be stuck in a storm drain outside her home so she tried to poke around and check.
newborn found dead in amazon warehouse

Newborn Found Dead In Amazon Warehouse Toilet Bathroom

The Amazon warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona has most everything you can think of but what you will not expect to find is perhaps the lifeless body of a newborn child. According to the local police, first responders were called...
11 year old girl period bleeds

11-Year-Old Girl On Period Bleeds Through Her Clothes After Teacher Refuses Her To Use Toilet

Being a growing preteen in today’s world is incredibly challenging as it is, between all the pressures kids have to face socially. The world is just not the same anymore, and it can be hard for kids to be kids.