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Video Of Freshly Cut Meat Is Making People Want To Turn Vegetarian

A video making rounds on social media featuring freshly sliced meat has unsettled many, prompting some to express their newfound inclination towards vegetarianism.

The ongoing tussle between meat-eaters and vegetarians regarding dietary preferences and requirements often resembles the age-old feud between cats and dogs, where a common ground appears elusive.

Vegetarians and vegans frequently express their frustration as their meat-eating counterparts seem to ignore their appeals to save animal lives and contribute to environmental conservation.

On the flip side, those preferring a meat-based diet often criticize vegetarians for being excessively assertive with their dietary ideologies, forgetting that dietary choices are a personal affair.

However, a recent viral video may prompt meat lovers to reevaluate their food choices due to its unsavory content.

The video, shared on Twitter, has garnered over 250,000 views. It depicts a piece of freshly cut meat twitching and jerking as salt is sprinkled over it.

The eerie scene, reminiscent of a horror flick, showcases the meat piece seemingly coming to life, flapping about uncontrollably.

Similar bizarre movements have been observed in squid and frog legs when soy sauce is introduced.

There’s no cause for alarm – the animal is not reanimating to exact vengeance. This phenomenon has a scientific basis.

According to NPR, the introduction of salt or a salty substance like soy sauce to freshly harvested flesh triggers a chemical reaction, causing the still-functional muscles to contract.

“Excess sodium (from the salt) drives ions into the cell, initiating a chain of chemical reactions that result in the cell firing, hence the muscle twitching,” explains Robert Krulwich from NPR.

Despite the scientific explanation, the sight of meat twitching autonomously has been found disturbing by many. One Twitter user remarked, “Well, this spectacle could persuade me to stop eating meat.”

Another chimed in, “Honestly, I’ve seen many vegetarian/vegan horror clips of factory farming and such. BUT…this resonates differently…might go meat-free for a few days.”

A third individual declared, “Yo! No more meat for me,” while a fourth admitted, “I could’ve gone without this insight.”

This video is likely to unsettle diners, if not deter them from consuming meat entirely.