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Kind FedEx Driver Shovels Snow Off Woman’s Porch When He Learns Her Husband Died

Leigh Anne, a recently widowed mother of three who lives in Nebraska, recently posted a heart-warming story about her local Federal Express truck driver.

After a recent snowfall, she had trouble getting the tires of her vehicle inflated and noticed the familiar FedEx truck parked in her neighborhood.

Because she sees its driver, named Brian, often on her street, she didn’t hesitate to ask for his assistance.

Brian told her he would be happy to help with the hard-to-remove air valves on her car’s tires.

As they chatted, Brian learned that Leigh Ann had just a few months earlier lost her husband to cancer at the age of 42.

He had battled his illness for seven months, and now Leigh Anne was left with the burden of taking care of their family all alone.

After Leigh Anne went inside, Brian decided to go the extra mile to help his newly widowed friend.

This FedEx driver took the time to shovel all of the snow off of Leigh Anne’s front porch.

Brian didn’t expect that his kind-hearted actions would be recorded by Leigh Anne’s Ring Video doorbell camera.

Leigh Anne praised Brian and his act of random kindness by reporting it on her Facebook page.

She noted that although in most instances doorbell cameras are used to catch people in the act of stealing packages from someone’s home, in this instance it caught a very good man in the simple act of doing a much appreciated good deed.