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Shrimp Dinner Revenge — How One Woman Dealt With Her Cheating Husband of 37 Years

Marital bliss of 37 years – would anyone have imagined that your partner would suddenly dump you and go for someone younger? That was what happened to a woman named Edith, as her husband Jake cheated on her with his young secretary. The bitter divorce meant that Edith was on the losing side – she had only 3 days to move out!

However, Edith was smart – she plotted her own revenge in the most simplest yet unexpected way imaginable. With the help of shrimp.

And it would help her get her home back.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Jake’s new girlfriend wanted to live in the mansion and have it all to herself. This brought the case to court, where Jake’s lawyers won the case.

Image Credit: Pixabay