One hair stylist showed how the power of care could truly change someone’s life.

Kayley Olsson is a stylist at a beauty salon who has spent years working with women who come to her to change or maintain their style.

She was a little shocked when one young teenager walked into her beauty salon with a rather odd request.

The teen came through the door in a dirty state of dress with hair that was incredibly tangled to the point that it had become matted.

The girl’s hair clearly hadn’t been washed in a very long time.

When Kayley Olsson kindly asked the young girl what she wanted to be done with her hair, the girl simply replied that Olsson should just cut all of it off.

Kayley was taken aback that such a young girl would ask for all of her hair to be cut off and, of course, she had to wonder why the girl had let her hair get to such a state that it couldn’t even be brushed out.

The teenage girl confided that she had been suffering from very severe depression for several years.

She said that she was so depressed that she only got out of bed to use the bathroom.

She didn’t even have the energy to brush her hair, which soon became matted and unmanageable.

The girl confided in Kayley that she felt completely worthless that she couldn’t summon the energy to brush her own hair.

The fact that the young girl considered herself worthless broke Kayley’s heart.

She immediately became utterly determined to put all of her time and energy into helping the girl keep her hair and to feel more positive about her appearance.

It took Kayley 13 hours over 2 days to properly clean and then transform the girl’s hair.

When the teen left the salon, complete with her new healthy hairstyle, she told Kayley that she had made her feel like herself again.

She also told her that she would actually smile when she had her school pictures taken that year.