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Massive Horse Suddenly Drops To The Ground, Kicks His Legs Up And Starts Farting

All creatures on this earth eat, sleep, poop – and fart!

It isn’t a pretty thing and not something we discuss in polite, civilized conversation.

But, farts happen! The horse in this video, Archy, has some gas, which could be the result of his high-fiber diet.

According to Doctor Ramey, plant material contains cellulose, a very fibrous material that is not easily digested by horses or other large animals.

Their bodies do break it down (via fermentation), and one side product is gas.

Archy lives at the Rocking Horse Ranch in California and is enjoying this particular bout of gas!

First, he drops to the ground to roll around in the dirt, and then lets it rip!

Take a look at this video

As you may know, having a large buildup of gas can be quite uncomfortable, so it makes sense that Archy is taking some pleasure in getting the gas out!

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