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Scary X-Ray Of 5-Year Old Shows Why Young Kids Shouldn’t Eat Grapes Without Supervision

All young ones should be sure to eat upright, and never while walking or in a vehicle.

grape and young child

Image Credit: avitalchn / Pixabay

There are also some foods that should be avoided – stickier ones like peanut butter or ones too easy to swallow like chewing gum should not be given to a young toddler.

Henderson, who has experience as a mental health clinician and has degrees in psychology and sociology, added that children are often in a rush, so it is important that they are reminded that chewing food is important.

grape and young child

Image Credit: Scrumshus / Wikimedia

She thanked the mother of the child who allowed the photo to be shared, as well as the pediatrician who operated on the child to remove the blockage.

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