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Scary X-Ray Of 5-Year Old Shows Why Young Kids Shouldn’t Eat Grapes Without Supervision

Did you know that the fourth leading cause of death of accidental death in children under the age of 5 is choking? Angela Henderson, a blogger from Australia, decided to raise awareness for this issue by posting a shocking photo on her Facebook wall.

It was one of an X-ray of a five-year-old kid’s esophagus, where a round object could clearly be seen lodged horrifically at the top of his airway.

The child was lucky, as the grape did not completely obstruct the airway, so he was still able to breathe. If not, things could have ended terribly.

grape and young child

Image Credit: iha31 / Pixabay

As a general rule to parents and guardians, children under the age of five should eat food cut into small pieces, while those under the age of two should have their food mashed up first.