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Vets Issue Warning To Owners: Check Your Dogs’ Mouths

Frances Jirik’s dog, Bailey, wasn’t eating. Bailey also had begun to foam at the mouth and was lethargic. Like any responsible pet owner, Jirik took Bailey to see the vet. The veterinarian was left greatly appalled by what she saw!

Dr. Lindsey Mitchell, found 30 to 40 lady bugs stuck on the roof of Bailey’s mouth!

bugs in dog's mouth

Image Credit: Facebook

Dr. Mitchell said that the bites can lead to serious consequences and it is quite painful. Mitchell took photos and posted them on social media. She said that Bailey was the second dog she had seen that day with a ladybug infestation.

bugs in dog's mouth

Image Credit: Hoisington Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

She wanted to warn other pet owners about the symptoms. Keep an eye on your pets. If they start to drool or foam at the mouth, look for ladybugs.

bugs in dog's mouth

Image Credit: KAKE