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Toddler Won’t Wake Up From A Nap, Then Horrified Mom Realizes She Has A ‘Sunless’ Heatstroke

The power and warning in Jennifer’s story was shared more than 46,000 times and earned 11,000 reactions in just two weeks. Jennifer’s young daughter, Anastasia had put herself down for a nap – when Jennifer went in to wake her up, she was bright red and covered in sweat.

It took them nearly 20 minutes to wake her up, 911 was called. Anastasia’s blood sugar was way off, and the paramedics gave her sucrose.

Within a few minutes before Anastasia was awake. Anastasia had just been playing in her bedroom and got over heated.

It was no one’s fault, and Anastasia will be fine. But you can’t be too careful and should make sure your child is not getting overheated no matter what they are doing! Please share this story.