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Toddler Won’t Wake Up From A Nap, Then Horrified Mom Realizes She Has A ‘Sunless’ Heatstroke

It has been a scorching summer. We have a lot of tips and tricks to keep cool – but, it is essential that the very young and elderly are given special consideration during the summer.

toddler and heatstroke

Image Credit: Elf / Wikimedia

The last thing you need is to get heat stroke – it can be dangerous and result in death. Heat stroke is caused, according to the Mayo Clinic, by overheating your body due to long term exposure to high temperatures or over exertion in hot conditions.

toddler and heatstroke

Image Credit: Pixabay

If left untreated, heat stroke and damage your heart, brain, muscles, and kidneys. Jennifer Abma recently had a terrifying experience with her daughter and heat stroke – she is telling her story to spread the word and hopefully prevent this from happening to another child.