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Cruel People Are Giving Greyhounds Cocaine So They Can Run Faster

Kate MacFall, the Humane Society of the United States Florida state director, said they were shocked and concerned when the dogs all tested positive not once, but in 18 different tests since July 2017!

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: Zchangu / Wikimedia Commons

The trainer responsible has had his license suspended – but the problem is bigger than just one trainer.

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: Grey2kUSA / Facebook

Female greyhounds are given steroids every two weeks so they don’t go into heat, which can cause health issues later in life.

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: Fado Films / Vimeo

Finally, the dogs are often confined to small cages up to 20 hours a day! Dogs who live to retire may be adopted, but their story may not be all roses then either. Please don’t go watch dog races (or horse races). Let the animals live their lives free and happy. Watch the video below for more.

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