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Cruel People Are Giving Greyhounds Cocaine So They Can Run Faster

Tragically, it has been discovered that racing greyhounds have been doping – well, their trainers have been doping them, it isn’t as if the dogs have a choice! Flicka, the greyhound, has posted her fastest times ever in her last two races, and it is all because she was given PEDs.

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: N/A

The other 167 races she ran were not fast enough in someone’s opinion, so they gave Flicka a drug called benzoylecgonine, or BZE, which is a metabolite of cocaine!

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: AngMoKio / Wikimedia Commons

In all, 12 greyhounds tested positive for the drug at Florida’s Orange Park track. Greyhound racing is a rather controversial sport and is only legal in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, and West Virginia.

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: Grey2kUSA / Facebook

This new revelation has made the sport even more despicable to some.

greyhounds on cocaine

Image Credit: Nancy W Beach / Wikimedia Commons