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Son Gets First Paycheck And Uses It To Pay Off His Parents’ Entire Mortgage

From young, we have all thought about making it big and earning a lot of money.

This is a dream that many of us have!

Realistically speaking, however, we can’t all start raking in large incomes from the start.

In the end, our adulthood dream often ends up being that of hoping to bring about a sudden windfall big enough to pay off all our bills.

21-year old South Floridian Pavin Smith, then, is finally living the dream.

In an amateur baseball draft by Arizona Diamondbacks, the young man came out as the team’s seventh overall pick and number one prospect for 2017.  

Originally the star first baseman of the University of Virginia, Smith was later drafted in 2014 by the Rockies by the MLB draft.

He is now Arizona Diamondbacks’ first-base prospect – and with the new position comes a signing bonus of over $5 million.

So, what exactly is a young man who suddenly has over several million in his bank account to do with all that cash?

Most people would splurge on something they have always wanted, like the latest gadget or a fancy car.

In Smith’s case, he bought a house.

But not just any house – he instead elected to pay off his parents’ mortgage in full for Christmas, so that they can finally own the house entirely on their own.

Considering just how expensive a mortgage can be, and how families often spend the rest of their lives paying off the loan, this must be a huge relief on Tim and Pamela Smith, his parents.

When you consider how just about every single success story for a young athlete involves great support from the adults in their life, this gesture is clear proof that Smith’s parents were the biggest source of encouragement in Arizona Diamondbacks prospect’s life.

And now he is showing his gratitude by paying back the favor with this wonderful Christmas present.

Smith, however, didn’t just stop there.

It would have been incredibly easy for him to simply slip his parents the receipt with minimal fuss and call it a day.

After all, there were better things he could be concerned about.

Instead, Smith proves that his parents had raised him right by not only paying off his parents’ debt, but also writing a heartfelt letter to thank his dad and mom for raising him with love and support throughout the years.

He then gave the letter and the accompanying receipt to his parents as a surprise, and filmed the resulting reactions. The video has since gone viral!

Raising a child is a monumental effort in and of itself.

On top of that, it can be incredibly difficult for a parent to put in the sacrifice and love needed to help make their child’s dream become a reality.

It is wonderful that Smith recognised just how difficult it must have been for his parents, and how he can finally give back to them in gifting them the family home for good.

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