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Grandpa Can’t Locate His Ringing Phone. Where Family Finds It Sends Internet Into Laughter

A mystery is unfolding in this happy family home! The grandfather of the family – or Papa, as he’s called by his family – has misplaced his phone and can’t find it anywhere. Usually, when you misplace a phone, your first step would be to ask a friend or family member to call it, then play detective as you attempt to trace the sound of the ringing. So that’s what this family does, at first, but that only serves to heighten the already curious case.

Image Credit: YouTube

The ringing begins, and Papa heads inside the house to figure out where it comes from, and as he leaves, his family realizes that the ringing has left with him. They usher him back outside the house and scrutinize him, asking him to turn out his pockets and make sure he isn’t actually holding onto his phone.

But his pockets contain only his wallet and keys, and there’s no trace of his phone anywhere in them. Yet the family can’t deny that the ringing is definitely coming from Papa himself! As they slowly enter the house and circle the living room in search of the elusive device, a couple of members of the family start putting their ears near to Papa and attempting to decode the ringing’s location.

Image Credit: YouTube

Eventually, they finally discover where the sound seems to be emanating from – and the spot is so unlikely and ridiculous that the rest of the family hardly believes it at first. But Papa checks the location and, when the phone is miraculously pulled out from underneath it, he can’t help but burst into loud, hearty laughter! Check out the video to see the conclusion to this odd yet adorable mystery of where Papa’s phone was hiding!

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