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Onions Are A Great Remedy For Common Illnesses – Here Are 8 Unusual Ways To Use Them

The best natural cures and remedies might be sitting right in your kitchen, going unnoticed until you need to toss it into a pan – like spices, herbs, garlic, and even onions! Here are just some of the great uses of onions.

1. Cut treatment. Rub the film of an onion’s skin over a wound or cut to quickly stop bleeding and promote better healing, all while preventing infections.

2. Fevers. If you have a fever, apply coconut oil to the undersides of your feet and then slip some thin onion slices into your arches. Securely wrap it all up with plastic wrap or cling film and put on socks, then leave overnight to remove toxins!

Image Credit: Good Morning Center

3. Bug bites. Simply place some onion or a bit of onion juice over an irritated bug bite and enjoy its anti-inflammatory properties.

Image Credit: Herbal Teas Online

4. Sore throat. A mix of onion skin and water, when gargled or drunk, can really help easy a sore throat. If the taste is too much for you to handle, mix in some honey or lemon!