5. Minor burns. You can use fresh onion slices to rub against a minor burn. This will prevent infections and soothe discomfort.

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6. Chest congestion. Make an onion and coconut oil paste by mixing crushed onions with the aforementioned oil. Rub the mixture over your chest and cover it with a towel or piece of cloth to experience antibiotic and expectorant benefits.

7. Cough. Slice half an onion and coat them with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Leave them covered for about 60 minutes. Eat this odd combination twice a day and its antibacterial abilities will cure the cough.

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8. Vomiting. To cure vomiting, squeeze out some onion juice and make peppermint tea. Drink two teaspoons of onion juice, followed by two teaspoons of peppermint tea, waiting five minutes between the two different drinks. Repeat until vomiting ceases. Share away, people!

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