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Mom Who Murdered Daughter And Froze Her Body Learns Fate (Photos)

Keishanna told the judge she was pleading no contest to spare her other children from having to go through a trial. That may be the only decent thing she could have done. Janiya was first declared missing when the Manatee County Child Protective Services tried to gain custody of Keishanna’s five children.

mother froze daughter

Image Credit: ABC

Based on a tip from Janiya’s grandmother and aunt, her body was found in the freezer, and she had been in there an estimated 16 months. Apparently, Janiya had frustrated her mother with her severe incontinence.

Even though Keishanna had been under investigation from child protective services, she was always able to come up with a reason why Janiya was not around.

mother froze daughter

Image Credit: WFLA

Child protective services could have asked at the school to see if Janiya was attending – that would have been a clue. Rest in Peace, Janiya. Share away, people.