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Man Notices Dog Only Ate Half Her Kibble, Then Realizes She Is Saving It For Friend Who Died

Animals are capable of the same emotions people experience. Dogs and cats just may show their emotions differently – and that makes sense, they can’t talk, so they react differently. In a multi-dog home, there are certain dynamics at play, but the bottom line is that the all the dogs view each other as family and they have complex relationships we humans may never understand. Cookie and Stitch live with their human parent, a Twitter user, known as @_EasyBreasy_.

The two yellow labs were the best of friends and shared everything even a food bowl. Cookie would always eat first, and Stitch had taught her only to eat half of the food in the bowl so he could have the other half when she was done.

When Stitch passed away, Cookie still only ate half of the food in the bowl. She was still saving half of the food for her buddy, Stitch.

The tweet @_EasyBreasy_ shared about his two loving companions went viral.