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Man Mows Down 4-Year-Old Boy, Gets Out Of Car To Check On Him, Pays The Price

A 4-year-old boy was out playing in his neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio at around noon on March 24.

A car came speeding around the corner and struck the boy. The boy’s father, Jamal Killings said he tried to get the vehicle to slow down, but it swerved around him and hit the little boy.

The car was going about 45 mph in a residential area.

man and boy

Image Credit: Cincinnati Police Department

Killing’s son was on the curb when he was struck. The driver of the car Jamie Urton, 44, and witnesses got into an altercation after the boy was hit.

Witness to the accident reportedly attacked Urton and his passenger.

man and boy

Image Credit: Fox19

They were dragged out of the car! Urton was shot several times and later died!

The four-year-old that was hit was taken to the hospital and released the same day with bleeding on his brain.

man and boy

Image Credit: Facebook