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Woman Wanting To Adopt ‘Least Adoptable’ Cat Finds 16-Year Old Ginger, 5 Hours After Adoption…

If you don’t have a pet, you are missing out on something special! Pets have the uncanny ability to make you feel better. They are a constant source of love and companionship. You are never alone. Dogs will meet you at the door every single time you come home. Most cats love to cuddle up on your lap (or head) and take a nap!

Madeleine, 22, had been through some rough times over the last two years. Two of her friends died, and so did her dad. She had a bad relationship and had to retire from her career as a professional ballet dancer.

Life wasn’t as good as it once had been. She decided to adopt a cat to help keep her company and prevent loneliness. But, she wasn’t going to adopt the cutest and most lovable cat – Madeleine wanted the one cat at the shelter that no one else had wanted.