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Lady Demands Swimming Instructor Teach Son For Free & Calls Her A B*tch, Shocked When Rejected

A Facebook user shocked the Internet when she posted a long, incredibly ridiculous screenshot detailing her WhatsApp interaction with a parent that really personifies Choosing Beggars in a nutshell.

This user who goes by the name Matchy Matchy, is a non-professional swimming instructor who offers free swimming classes for kids when they have free time.

Unfortunately, one particular mother wasn’t satisfied with just that.

In the screenshots, the mother in question messages the instructor after getting her number from a friend.

She explains that she is a single mother and was told that the classes would be free.

Then the first red flag turns up: when the instructor doesn’t reply right away, she badgers the instructor with repeated requests for a reply.

The instructor explains that the classes are, indeed, free, but that she is in the office and can’t respond quickly to messages.

The mother in question remarks that this is rude of her.

Apparently, even being busy at work is rude now!

The mother asks what time that day she should take her son to the pool for classes.

The instructor explains that she plans to swim alone today and will contact the mother again the next time she is teaching, which will likely be in about three days.

She adds that she usually teaches between 3 and 5pm.

But the mother isn’t satisfied.

She asks the instructor to come and teach her son at 1pm instead, and demands faster replies.

The instructor states that 1pm is not possible because she has work – and it’s already past 12pm at the time, so it’s very last minute.

She adds that she wants to swim alone due to stress so she can relax for the day.

And yet, the mother isn’t finished!

She says her son is going to cry because she told him he could go swimming.

The instructor states that she cancelled the class with everyone else already anyway, so there’s no chance of her being able to get them all to come back for classes regardless.

If you thought that was enough for the mother, you’d be wrong.

This parent then goes on to call the other children brats for receiving free classes for an entire month thus far and tells the instructor that she should teach her son one-on-one to make up for lost time.

Of course, the instructor says she can’t do that.

The mother says her son has anxiety issues and would be better being taught alone.

So the instructor follows by replying that she isn’t comfortable teaching a child with these issues as she is not certified as a trainer and cannot be responsible for someone with special needs.

The mother then backtracks and insists it isn’t that kind of anxiety, just that he doesn’t like being around other children.

She asks the instructor to teach him exclusively for a month beginning the next day at 1pm because it’s not fair that the other kids have been taught for longer, and downright demands it!

She even says that the instructor should bring an extra pair of goggles for him.

The instructor says she can’t swim every day and usually takes a break of at least two days before swimming, and finally states she is absolutely not going to teach anyone in solo classes.

That’s when this mother really blows up!

She hurls insults at the instructor, swearing at her and saying she is likely a bad teacher anyway.

She says she will throw her son in the swimming pool at 1pm the next day and hold the instructor responsible for anything bad that happens to him.

She calls the instructor selfish and unhelpful and says she and her son deserve the classes, and that the instructor should give her some money since she’s so privileged! Yikes.

Matchy Matchy’s Facebook post has gone viral and received more than 3,000 shares.

These screenshots were also posted on Reddit on the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit, and there it has gained more than 100,000 upvotes.

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