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Dog Climbs On Mom In The Middle Of The Night. Then She Realizes Her Son Is In Danger

Luke’s mom, Dorrie, knew something wasn’t right when Jedi came into her room and woke her up. Dorrie went to check on Luke, but his diabetes monitor said everything was fine.

Dorrie, confused, looked at Jedi – he was looking at her as if he wanted her to do something. So, Dorrie checked Luke’s blood herself. The glucose level was very low – 57. Dorrie immediately gave Luke a glucose tablet to help get his blood sugar back to a normal level.

To adopt a dog that can help detect changes in blood sugar is expensive. The nonprofit group, Dogs Assisting Diabetes Foundation, asks for a $15,000 adoption fee. But, that fee is nothing compared to the life of your child. I would willingly pay that amount to save my child’s life!

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