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Dog Climbs On Mom In The Middle Of The Night. Then She Realizes Her Son Is In Danger

Jedi is a superhero. We are not referring to any Jedi Masters from the Star Wars movies either. Jedi, a black lab, is a therapy dog who helps the Nuttall family with their son, Luke. Luke is 7-years-old and suffers from type 1 diabetes. Jedi has lived with the Nuttall family since he was a puppy.

He was trained to detect any small changes that may mean Luke’s blood sugar had either gone too high or too low. According to the Washington Post, scientists are not sure what dogs are actually smelling when they sense a person’s blood sugar is falling.

But we do know that dogs have an incredibly sensitive nose, and Jedi has proved that more than once. Luke and Jedi sleep side by side every night.