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Dogs are well-known to be man’s best friend, and the sentiment is understandable.

The fabric of our society, both modern and ancient, is bursting to the brim of anecdotes, personal accounts, and stories of just how loyal and affectionate these amazing creatures are.

It is very likely that you may have a tale or two to share yourself!

It is then no wonder then that many people find themselves asking just what they have done to deserve the unconditional love and kindness of these pets.

Truly, we can only hope to show just as much love and care in return.

One such story of unfailing love from dogs is the one of a homeless Brazilian man and his beloved dogs.

At about 3am on the 9th of December, a homeless man that goes by the name of César was admitted into the Regional Alto Vale Hospital in Brazil.

This in and of itself was nothing out of the ordinary – the man had been battling a health problem for a while, and was due to receive another round of treatment and medication.

Normally, he would be tended to at a different facility in town, so hospital staff such as Cris Mamprim and her colleagues had to ask César about his health condition.

It was during this admittance procedure did Mamprim noticed something incredibly endearing.

At the hospital entrance was four healthy dogs that, although eager, were patiently waiting for César.

It was clear at a glance that these dogs were well-cared for, and were sleek and plump.

Intrigued, Mamprin couldn’t help but ask César about his canine companions.

It was then she learned about he had, of his own free will, taken it upon himself to care for his canine companions the best he could.

In fact, he often went without food so that he can ensure his companions would stay well-fed and chubby.

The reason he cited? He explained that these dogs would otherwise have no other friend in this world.

From the appearance of these dogs to how they were waiting quietly for César at the hospital door, it was clear that the man truly cared for these dogs to the best of his abilities.

And it is apparent that they are showing that love and affection for him in turn as well!

Learning about this, Mamprim and her colleagues immediately invited the dogs inside so as to not keep the faithful hounds apart from their master.

César was given the medication he needed, and then he and his canine crew were offered food as well.

César only proved himself truthful in just how much he loved these dogs by saving some of his food to ensure his dogs would have a meal later.

He was then safely discharged, and left the hospital in the cover of the night in tow with his furry friends.

Touched, Mamprim later took to Facebook to share this man’s story.

It just goes to show just how much love people can have for their canine companions, and how their companions will show their love in return the best they can as well!

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