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She Caught A Homeless Man Doing This To 10 Stray Dogs, And Now It’s Going Viral

While driving home in Arkansas, Alicia saw a man pedaling a bike down the road with a trailer. The homeless man was having a hard time because the trailer was loaded down and had 10 dogs inside! Later, Alicia found out that the man, Steve, had been homeless since 2001.

During that time, Steve has been finding and caring for abandoned animals. Over a fourteen-year period, Steve (the homeless man) had rescued 50 dogs!

Alicia was so moved when she heard Steve’s story that she offered to buy dog food for the dogs.

When Alicia met Steve, he and his dogs were taking a 2000-mile trip to visit his girlfriend who lived in Indiana.

Alicia and her mother started a fundraiser online for Steve. Within two hours, they had raised money to buy food, supplies, and rented a room!