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Heartbroken Parents Bury Their Teen Son Then Friends Say There’s A Video They Have To See

On Christmas Day 2011, Ben had his fourth cardiac arrest and died, he was only 18. Ben had a blog and posted videos throughout the years and had quite a following. The news of his death circulated the globe, and approximately 1,400 people were at his funeral.

son dies and sees heaven

Image Credit: YouTube

Some estimates claim that another 11,000 people watched online. One week before his death, Ben had posted his last video and at the funeral, the people were asking his parents what they had thought of it. But, his parents hadn’t seen it. They went home that evening and watched.

In the video, Ben shared his vision of heaven and had been viewed millions of times.

You can get a sense of how at peace Ben is when you see his smiling face. Share away, people.