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Heartbroken Blind Cow Who Lost His Pig Best Friend Gets A New Guardian Angel

Baby is a blind cow who uses a seeing-eye pig, named Lulu to get around! The two animals were best friends until Lulu passed away. Baby wasn’t left alone for long, however. Read on to learn more. Lulu’s mom accidently crushed her two back legs. Lulu wasn’t really able to get the right nutrition and matured a little slower than her littermates.

Lulu was taken to Don’t Forget Us Pet Us (DFUPU) sanctuary in Dartmouth, MA, and was nursed back to health.

DFUPU takes in abused, neglected, or discarded animals and offers them a loving home. When Lulu first arrived, she was a little skittish – but then she met Baby.

Deb Devlin, DFUPU’s owner, said she didn’t think a cow and a pig could be such good friends! Baby and Lulu were BFF’s for eight years.

Deb wasn’t sure what how Baby would manage without her companion. Deb recalled that Baby just mooed for two days after Lulu passed.