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When He Takes His Dog Out For A Walk, She Stops And Wraps Her Paws Around Strangers’ Knees!

Sometimes you just need a hug. At the end of a rough day being able to cuddle with a loved one is enough to recharge and refresh. Fernandez-Chavez and his dog Louboutina (Loubie for short) understand this idea.

Whenever Loubie and Fernandez-Chavez go out for a walk in Manhattan – Loubie will stop random people on the street and give them a hug.

Did we mention that Loubie is a dog?

Back in 2014, Fernandez-Chavez ended a long-term relationship just around Valentine’s day.

That was when Loubie decided that the world needed more hugs! Loubie wasn’t trained to give hugs – she just started doing it.