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After Family’s Denied Empty Booth At A Diner, They Share A Photo That’s Going Viral

When you go to a restaurant and see an empty table, you hope that you will be able to sit there and enjoy your meal – right? Well, a Texas Roadhouse had an empty table that no one was allowed to sit at for dinner.

The Texas Roadhouse location was in Dallas, Texas and this happened last summer just after the Dallas police officers were killed during the sniper attack.

empty booth and restaurant

Image Credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr

The table had a pristine white table cloth, flags, and a sign. The table was set for five (the same number of officers that had died after being ambushed).

The officers who were killed were Brent Thompson, Michael J. Smith, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Patrick Aamarripa. No patrons complained about the table being empty on a busy night. Instead, the customers took photos and shared them on social media.