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Elephants Are Tortured With Bullhooks To Wash Visitors’ Cars In Notorious Safari

A video has been going viral online – and it isn’t good.

In the video taken from inside a car, a woman can be heard saying:”Aw, do it again! How cool is that?” Children squeal in excitement, laughing excitedly as the elephant sloshes water over the car with its trunk from a pink bucket underneath it. Its keeper then hands it a sponge to start scrubbing one of the car’s windows.

The video was filmed in Winston, Oregon, located in the United States. The zoo in question is named Wildlife Safari, and they have an ‘elephant car wash’ attraction.

Image Credit: In Defense of Animals

People pay a fee of 25 dollars for such an experience.

Image Credit: In Defense of Animals

It is not without controversy though – the zoo’s car wash program made In Defense Of Animals (IDA)’s ‘top ten worst zoos in the United States’ list!