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Dogs Can Tell When Someone Is A Bad Person New Study Says

Dogs – we love them all, regardless of breed, shape and size. They are known for their uncanny and extremely accurate intuition and judgment – especially when it comes down to a person’s character.

Animal lovers are always the best and kindest people – here’s how they can tell!

Ever wondered why Fido dislikes your neighbor who lives just across the street from you, but welcomes your aunt who hardly visits with a sloppy canine smile?

Research has shown and proven that dogs are able to tell who is genuine, and who has hidden evil intentions, especially if you, their owner, is just standing right beside another stranger.

Image Credit: Max Pixel

They are also highly capable of telling who is actually mean to you, and who is not!

Image Credit: Kapa65 / Pixabay

In a animal behavior study, two researchers had a dog owner act out two separate scenarios while his dog was nearby watching.

The given task was that the dog owner struggled to open a tin can then asked two researchers, A and B, to help.

Researcher A helped, while researcher B did not and just stood by. After the task, both researchers tried to offer the owner’s dog a treat.

Image Credit: Unsplash / Pixabay