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Dog Spots Something Unusual – Rescues Tiny Baby Abandoned In A Plastic Bag

This sweet dog, named Orejón, is being hailed as a hero after he discovered a newborn baby in a plastic bag in Argentina. Orejón lives on the streets in Vincent Lopez with his owner Enzo Gimenez. Normally, no one pays that much attention to the little dog – until the day Orejón was making a lot of noise and looking at sniffing at a bag he had found.

dog rescues baby

Image Credit: Radio Mitre AM 790

When neighbors went over to investigate they were understandably shocked.

dog rescues baby

Image Credit: FM Sol Rosario 89.1

Inside the bag was a sleeping newborn that had been left out in the world all alone, on a cold night. No one doubts that Orejón saved the baby’s life. No newborn could have survived a cold night with only a plastic bag for shelter.