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Dog, Rat And Cat Surrendered At Shelter Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Sides

Tweaks, the rat, is the oldest member of the family, and all three animals were much happier when they were all together!

When they reunited Tweaks with Sasha and Jack, there was quite a lick-fest! Sasha was overjoyed to see her tiny buddy again!

Even Jack took the time to welcome Tweaks back! Who knew that a cat, a dog, and a rat could be such good friends?!

The rescue staff hoped that a new family would be willing to adopt them together since they are so tightly bonded with each other.

Then one day, in walked Kathy Berens and her daughter! When Kathy overheard the staff talking about the unusual trio, she thought they would be a perfect fit at her house! Can you say “Happily Ever After?” Share away, people!