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Dog, Rat And Cat Surrendered At Shelter Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Sides

Sasha, a dog, Tweaks, a rat, and Jack, a cat, were all taken to an animal shelter and surrendered. The owners were downsizing and had to give up their pets. Cheryl Rosenthal from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society said it is unusual for a shelter to take three pets in at the same time.

The staff had to give each of the new arrivals a medical exam, Jack wasn’t too happy about being separated from his companions.

Rosenthal said that Jack started to growl and was rather uncooperative, so they decided to bring Sasha into the exam room too.

As soon as Sasha walked in, Jack calmed down, and the staff was able to complete the exam! Turns out that Jack is visually impaired and he has been relying on Sasha to help him get around.