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Tiny Dog Who Crawled Down Lowe’s Aisle Made An Employee Fall Flat On The Floor

As soon as Morales saw Baxter wheeling through the store, he got down on the floor to Baxter’s level to say hello! Martin was blown away that Andy would do such a thing!

Morales gave the new wheel attachment his seal of approval!

dog and employee

Image Credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr

Martin wrote her story, and the post found its way to the Love What Matters Facebook page. The post went viral it earned thousands of shares, tens of thousands of reactions, and many comments. How many people would get on the floor like that to say hello to a dog?

Not many. I can see someone bending down to say hello – but not lay on the floor. It is hard to find people today that not only take such pride in their work but are also decent human beings at the same time!

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