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Tiny Dog Who Crawled Down Lowe’s Aisle Made An Employee Fall Flat On The Floor

Baxter had a hard life in Armenia, he is a special needs dog that needs a wheelchair to get around. Thankfully, he found his way to the United States and has a forever home with Amy Jo Martin. Baxter also has a friend named Andy Morales.

Morales is an employee at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Wilkesboro, NC. Every so often, Baxter’s wheelchair needs hardware updates – which is how Baxter met Morales. Martin and a friend had taken Baxter’s cart to Lowe’s.

This was to see how Baxter could get an anti-tipped wheel attached.

Morales spent about an hour helping them out and was able to help design an extra wheel to help Baxter. Once the new anti-tip wheel was installed, Martin took Baxter to Lowe’s to show Morales.