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Mom Was Criticized For Letting Daughter Get Married, 22 Years Later Everyone Regrets It

Maryanne’s mother gave her permission, but other people disagreed. Despite the concern, Tommy and Maryanne had a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends. Maryanne’s sister, Linda has shared their love story on Instagram and Facebook. According to family, the couple doesn’t fight, they simply love each other too much and love each other unconditionally.

Over the years, they both have faced some significant challenges, but have remained true and in love with each other. Maryanne and Tommy now have supporters around the world who find their story inspiring and heartwarming!

This couple has managed to stay together for twenty-two years – how many other couples can say that? Not many!

Congratulations Tommy and Maryanne! We love and support you! Meet the happy couple in the video below. Share away, people!

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