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Rescuers Rescue One-Eyed Cat Only To Realize She Has A Blind Sister Depending On Her

These two kittens depend on each other. One of the kittens has no eyes, and the other just has one. The two sisters, Lola and Lucy, were being cared for by a small rescue group in Boise, ID called Happy Jack Rescue. The staff quickly noticed how bonded the cats were. Happy Jack Rescue didn’t have the financial resources to care for the cats properly and reached out for help.

A group in Kenosha, WI, Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR) replied. The first challenge that Kirsten Kranz, the founder and director of SPCR faced was transporting the kittens to Wisconsin – 1,600 miles from Indiana!

Happily, SPCR has a volunteer flight attendant who, on her days off, will fly across the U.S. and pick up cats to bring to them. Lola and Lucy were soon on their way to Wisconsin! Lucy, the larger of the two cats, is blind.