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He Visited This Supermarket Everyday For 6 Years. Then They Decide To Pay Him A Lovely Tribute

This is Brutus. He was the beloved Morrison’s supermarket cat. For about six years, Brutus could be found running up and down the aisles of the supermarket in Saltney, UK. He would greet the customers and bask in the sun. According to customers, he had a ‘cheeky’ attitude that delighted everyone young and old alike!

Sometimes Brutus would jump into customers shopping carts to see what they were buying – he even jumped in a few cars in the parking lot! Seems like Brutus was just a bit nosy!

He liked to browse the pet food aisle to see what he may be able to ‘sample!’ Brutus never failed to make the customer smile.

Despite being diagnosed with Polycystic kidney disease, an incurable disease, in 2013, Brutus kept ‘working’ at the store.