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Cat Brothers Who Hadn’t Seen Each Other For 2 Years Reunite On A Human Date

Cathleen said she would try and find Butter. When she called the shelter, she found out that Butter had been adopted. Two years later, Cathleen arranged to meet a man she had gotten to know through a dating app.

The man, Brian Herrera, took Cathleen to his house after the date. Cathleen couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Butter! Brian couldn’t believe it either.

They checked the adoption papers, and it was true! Ozzy and his brother have now been reunited! Ozzy and Butter were instantly comfortable with each other – they remembered! Brian and Cathleen have been a couple since that first date. They found each other and were able to reunite Ozzy and Butter – seems like fate to me!

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[h/t LoveMeow]