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They Noticed Something Weird In The Clouds — And The Photos Are Out Of This World

Mother Nature, oh, Mother Nature is amazing! I’m telling you! Amid our busy lives and schedules, sometimes we forget that we may not completely be in control of things. Mother Nature is real and what you’re about to see proves that she does work in rather mysterious ways! Check out the items below!

1. A Dirty Thunderstorm is also called volcanic lightning.

mother nature

Image Credit: Twitter / @JuvenalSV

2. A Snow chimney is a cold example of a fumarole.

mother nature

Image Credit: George Steinmetz

3. Tidal whirlpools in the Norwegian Sea are called Moskstraumen.

mother nature

Image Credit: Trek Earth

4. Light pillars are the result of ice crystals getting suspended in the air and reflecting light.

mother nature

Image Credit: MNN

5. These while blossoms are called frost flowers.

mother nature

Image Credit: Deep Sea News