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16-Year-Old Boy Shoots Girl Over Snapchat, Horrified As Cops Reveal His One Mistake

There are messed up crimes in the world, and sometimes the worst deeds are committed for the most trivial of reasons. When Deserae Turner from Utah innocently used the Snapchat app the way she wanted to, she could have never dreamed that two cruel boys would use that as a reason to shoot her and leave her for dead.

Turner had been messaging a boy from her school on Snapchat, and apparently, she was doing so too much for his liking. Instead of telling her, he complained to a friend, who said it wouldn’t be hard to get rid of her.

The two boys, apparently having no conscience, arranged to meet up with her in a canal, where they planned to slit her throat. When Deserae turned up to meet them at the canal, they were too scared to go through with the plan.