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10 Incredible Things That Happen During A Full Moon!

Full moons feature in many superstitions and are believed by some to represent a more mystical time of the month. But did you know that studies have actually proven that full moons have an effect on both humans and animals? Don’t believe me? Check out these 10 cool things that happen during a full moon!

1. Babies are born

full moon

Image Credit: Dave Herholz / Flickr

For some reason, more births occur during the full moon. This could be due to the added gravitational pull, but there’s no definite reasoning to this!

2. It’s harder to fall asleep

full moon

Image Credit: ivan [s] / Flickr

A study proved that the full moon shortened sleep times and made people fall asleep at a slower rate. It also suggested that people experience less deep sleep during this phase.

3. Sea turtles lay eggs

Certain species of sea turtle don’t lay their eggs until the tides get higher, which happens during a full moon.

4. Birds talk more

The eagle owl increases its communication with other birds during the full moon because it uses its white neck feathers as a means of communication, and these feathers are easier to see in the light.

5. Predators calm down

The light given by the full moon means that nocturnal prey animals stick to themselves and stay hiding. This results in predators having less food to catch, so they lay low.

full moon

Image Credit: Pixabay