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Zookeepers Put Live Goat In Tiger’s Enclosure As Food, But No One Expected What Followed

When a goat and a tiger meet, there is really only one outcome – right? The tiger gets to have a snack. Well, no. Amur, a Siberian tiger, actually has a goat named Timur, for a friend! At the Primorye Safari Park in Russia, Amur is fed live food (goats and rabbits) twice a week. When Timur was put into Amur’s enclosure, Amur left him alone!

Take a look at this video

Maybe the goat has some powerful tiger calming powers that no one knows about! Amur and Timur act more like friends than prey and predator. As the weeks passed, Amur has actually grown protective of his little friend. Amur hissed at a keeper – which is something he has never done before. Maybe Amur was lonely and wanted to have a friend!

Watch the Amur and Timur in the video.

This is not something you see every day.

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