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Zoo Camera Catches A Happy Baby Elephant Leaving Her Warm Shed To Play In The Snow!

SNOW DAY! Who doesn’t love being able to have the day off because of the snow! The recent winter storms in Oregon forced the Oregon Zoo to close for the day. But, just because there are no visitors didn’t mean that the animals couldn’t have any fun! The video below is a quick peek into the lives of several zoo residents as they experienced the snow!

My favorite was the polar bear! He (or she) enjoyed rolling and rolling (and rolling) in the snow. Then, the silly bear slipped and fell into the water! LOL! The fall didn’t phase the big white polar bear in the least! Who knew elephants could handle the cold? I never pictured elephants in the snow!

Take a look at this video

But that beautiful elephant was having a great time too! Walking backward and forwards and flinging snow! Incredible, isn’t it?! Well, share away, people!