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Bitter Ex-Boyfriend Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog Halfway Across Country So Stranger Brings Him Home

Last fall, a puppy named Zimba was found wandering in Maryland.

Because he had a microchip, The Caroline County Humane Society was successful at locating his owner in Wichita, Kansas.

When shelter volunteers heard the amazing story of how he was found half way across the country, they all agreed that Zimba is one of the luckiest dogs in America.

The boyfriend of Zimba’s owner took him along on a cross-country trip which seemed like a stroke of good luck for the puppy at the time.

But Zimba’s mom reports that she and her boyfriend argued and broke up while he was on the road, and the angry boyfriend abandoned Zimba in Maryland, according to the local affiliate of CBS News.

Although Zimba’s owner tried frantically to reach her now ex-boyfriend on his cell phone, he refused to answer her calls.

She never gave up looking for Zimba, however, and was thrilled to get the call from the Caroline County Humane Society telling her that he had been located on the East Coast.

But job and family responsibilities prevented her from making the more than 1,000 mile trip to bring Zimba back home to Kansas.

But Zimba had a guardian angel in the form of Zach Holt, who heard Zimba’s story on the local news.

He is a former employee at the shelter whose girlfriend continues to work there.

Without hesitation, he offered to drive Zimba the more than 1,000 miles home to Wichita.

As a bartender who works the weekend shift, his weekdays were free to serve as Zimba’s official driver.

He introduced himself to Zimba, who eagerly hopped into Zach’s car and they were off.

The Caroline County Humane Society has been tracking Zach and Zimba’s road trip on their Facebook page and also helping to raise money to pay Zach’s expenses.

Zach says he doesn’t want any reward for simply doing the right thing and says the best reward will be seeing Zimba’s face when he’s reunited with his family in Kansas.