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Young Great Dane Pup Mercilessly Surrendered To Kill Shelter, Cries Before He Sleeps

A high kill animal shelter is exactly what it sounds like – a lot of the animals that end up there are killed.

There is just not enough funding or space or people willing to adopt homeless, abandoned or stray dogs and cats.

When Gonner, a Great Dane, was taken to Carson Animal Shelter (a high kill shelter) he was one-year-old.

His owner wasn’t able to properly care for him and turned him over to what was almost a certain death.

Life in a shelter like Carson isn’t easy. Small stalls to live in and no comforts of home.

Gonner was once a happy-go-lucky dog, but after being surrendered he just moped around.

It is as if he knew his fate and had begun to accept it.

Gonner needed a home – and someone gave him a second chance before it was too late.

Yes Gonner has been adopted.

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