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Poor Wounded Dog Was Ignored On The Side Of The Street For Whole Day

A little white dog lay stranded on the side of the road. Luckily, an organization named Hope For Paws was contacted by a helpful citizen to save the day.

The Hope For Paws professional, Eldad, got the call about the poor helpless animal about 24 hours after the animal was originally stranded.

Eldad carefully extracted the puppy taking care not to move her as he assumed her pelvis was crushed.

The little dog licked his hand gratefully as he took her from the scene.

Eldad grew attached to the pup, naming her Lady. He quickly rushed her to the veterinary hospital where she was given an x-ray.

injured dog

The x-ray confirmed her broken pelvis. The poor puppy was in too much pain even to bathe.

After her trip to the hospital, Lady was taken to a new foster home.

In her new forever home, she received lots of attention and loving care. She grew to love her new home and is happy and healthy.

You too can help an animal in need.

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