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Farmer Puts Logs With Nails On Calf’s Face To Prevent It From Drinking Mother’s Milk

Joubertina is on the eastern cape of South Africa, and recently a team from the SPCA Assisi Humansdrop went there to help a calf.

The cow had a wooden plank tied to her face, and Inspector Benjamin went check it out.

The piece of wood had nails that faced outward from the mouth of the calf.

Inspector Benjamin wasn’t able to remove the device and went to find the owner.

The owner told the inspector that the device was so the calf couldn’t nurse anymore.

The nails on the device would stick the mother, and she kicks the baby away!

How cruel! Take a look at this image

weaning calf

Image Credit: SPCA Assisi Humansdrop

Unfortunately, intentionally weaning like this is necessary on cattle farms so the mother can be re-bred quickly.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to separate the mother from the calf instead of placing the wooden board on its face?

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